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25 April 2006 @ 06:29 pm
crawlinsideyou will continue here

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I didn't know how long I stayed there. Holdin' my breath and watchin' Wes take a bunch of pictures of the dead girl like some fucking freak. What was that for? His own private collection? I grimaced at that. By the time he left at least an hour had passed I knew the 5-0 was gonna be here soon. Last thing I wanted was to get hauled back to the clink. Been there. Done that. Ain't lookin' to go back anytime soon. Think I met my quota on showering with big scary Berthas. Maybe at one time I wouldn't have given a shit but now? Now I got too much to lose. Not only was there this new case to work on but I gotta thinka bout B and lil sis too right? Buffy'd never admit but she needed me now and not just cause my job was the one payin' most of the bills either. So I just bailed out cause I'd already spent entirely too long in the company of a dead slayer. Now I was needed to go home and tell B that Wes was goin' on a rampage....or something.

For once I was glad that I'd left Chi Chi at home and decided to head out on foot. I needed to clear my head and figure out what to do with all the information I'd gathered tonight. I tried to think of a thousand reasons why Wes wasn't the one behind all of this but I couldn't think of any. There was the words on the wall, indicating that it was a watcher pickin' off slayers. Then Wes shows up at the scene out of the blue even though he should be outta town by now. He was actin' all kinds of shady too, hadn't seen the bloody footprints that had led me inside in the first place. If he didn't see the footprints then how the hell did he end up in there? Then there was the motive. Motive was me. That was the bitch of it all. If Wes was really behind all this that meant it was my fault. I was the reason he hated slayers and that was the part that was killin' me. If he had a beef he should've done it to me. It should've been me tied down in that house, not that other girl. I used to say there was no such animal as innocent people but that wasn't true. The Slayer that was dead was innocent but me and Wes? We were anything but. Shit. Why couldn't he just come for me? It was tearin' me up cause hell I'd let him take that swing at me. I deserved it. All he had to was ask and I'd tie myself down to the kitchen chair for him and let him have a go.

I kept thinkin' back to the other night where I'd boozed it up a little too much and Wes took me back to his hotel room to crash and sleep it off. That was the part that didn't make sense. That night would've been the perfect oppurtunity for him to get one up on me and he didn't even make a move. Just let me sleep in his fucking bed til the next morning when I was a whole lot more sober and definitely hung over. Even let B march in and stomp all over the place throwin' one of her cute little temper tantrums and didn't say a word. Just didn't get it. Was I like some big finale? Shit. Despite the fact that I'd been called one a few times in my life I didn't know shit about serial killers or anything like that. I didn't have some great insight into the mind of a murderer. I just did what I did and then I paid for it and that was the end of it. Now it was Wes and I didn't know what to do about it. I did know one thing though. If he tried to kill more girls I was gonna put a stop to it right quick. I wasn't gonna let my guilt stand in the way of that. Not now. Not ever.

Once upon a time he'd called me a rabid dog. Had he been right? Shit. Maybe. Hell if I knew. But I just remembered that cold hard look in his eyes, thinkin' about how much he'd changed and whether or not I'd been responsible for any of that. Dude was a downright badass now and why? The Wes I remembered pre-prison wasn't anything like that. Didn't have a jagged scar across his pale throat, didn't ditch the glasses and the attitude for a five o'clock shadow and a shotgun. Had that been me? Had what I done to him made him change? I wasn't sure I'd ever have the answers to that and honestly I'd never really bothered to stop and find out. Cause last time I'd been a little preoccupied smackin' down with Angelus and this time I guess I was preoccupied with B. What else would be new, right? Maybe if I'd stopped to dig for a few seconds I wouldn't have just spent the last few hours starin' at a dead redhead tied to a kitchen table.

And now? Now I had to go and tattle to Mommy. Lately everything that happened in our lives seemed to be my fault so I wondered if this would get pinned on me too in her eyes. Lately? Who the fuck was I kiddin'? Everything had always been my fault when it came to me and B and this? This was gonna be no different. The only difference this time was that she'd be right. But hey, it ain't like she's completely blameless either. She was never any nicer to Wes than I was. Well, she hadn't tied him up to a chair and tortured him so I guess she was nicer than I was. I could already see the look in her eyes, pale eyes like his. All that judging, all that blaming. It was alot to put on person even if that I did deserve some of it. Not that the two of them hadn't done their own fair share of fucking up.

Like oh say tyin' slayers down and butchering them for fun. With a heavy sigh I clomped up the front porch in my boots wonderin' if Dawn was gonna be home. Hopefully she'd be out for the night with one of her friends. Cause even if I dragged B upstairs to give her the skinny behind closed doors I knew that little sisters sometimes liked to listen at the door, tryin' to get in on all the slayer stuff. Tryin' so hard to be let in. Sometimes I felt bad for the kid, mostly it was when she started to remind me of myself.

"Buffy?!" I called out, once I'd kicked off my boots and headed into the living room. Past the living room I could smell something baking. My girl might be an argumentative pain in the ass alot of the times but she sure was cute when she played at Betty Crocker. "B, we gotta talk." I said as I draped my coat over the back of one of the chairs and turned to look at her.
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11 January 2006 @ 06:47 am
It was dead at The Alley Cat and I wasn't turnin' up hardly anything in the way of actual profit. Maybe B had it right all along with the whole phone sex deal. Phone sex. I was still crackin' up over that shit but if she felt like she had to prove something? Who was I to stop her? She'd learn the first time some dirty old man started talkin' all dirty over the phone to her. And who was gonna be there to laugh at her? Yeah. That'd be me. Could you blame me though? The idea of B as a phone sex operator was just wicked funny. Either way I was just glad she had a job cause that meant I didn't have to pick up a ton of extra shifts especially considering all I ever did was take a bunch of heat about what I did for a living. Always actin' like she's so much better than me and now she tries to be just like me. Me and Buffy'd always had a weird relationship but lately? It'd just gotten way more weird.

I cashed out with Randy and headed out of the club figuring I'd look into getting my slay on. B was home with Dawn and I wasn't exactly in a rush to walk in the door only to listen to the two of them scream at eachother for the fourth night in a row. Buffy needed to seriously ease up on that kid, but I knew why Buffy was so hard on her kid sis. Because I saw parts of B that nobody else did and I knew how much she worried. About everything. But mostly her worry went to Dawn, because she wanted the best for her. Sometimes she just got wound up so tight that she was a little too intense about it all. Funny how I'd suddenly become the laidback got-it-together one and B was the intense one. Sometimes I wondered if my ass mellowed out to compensate for her mood swings.

So I ended up in the seedy part of town and yeah this was Cleveland so almost every part was seedy but I was pretty good at nailin' down the shadiest parts. Just walking down an alleyway gettin' seriously bored. Quiet night at the strip club, quiet night for the demons and vamps? Not exactly helping me with the distraction I needed. Instead I was twirling my stake in one hand and whistling low under my breath. Oh well, it wouldn't be the first time I'd spent an entire night just wandering around til sunrise. Then I'd grab a coffee and some breakfast at the little diner down the street from my house before goin' to see my girlfriend off to work. Not that she had a day job anymore. Well, I guess it wasn't a day job. More like a mid afternoon job. Which worked out because that was usually when I was home so I could keep an eye on the brat.

If I hadn't dropped my stake I would've never seen it. But I did drop my stake and when I bent over to pick it up I wondered how I'd missed the bloody footprints up until now. Narrowing my eyes I crouched down a little closer to the ground to see if what I was seein' was for real. Bright red footprints leading all the way into a house down at the end of the block. Abandoned house from the looks of things. Frowning, I stood back up and tucked the stake back into my pocket. Well, looked like it wouldn't be such a boring night after all.

Pushing my way inside the abandoned house I followed the footprints slowly, stopping once to listen to the silence of the house. I didn't hear anything but that didn't mean much. Felt like my slayer senses should be tingling but they weren't. 'Cept for that feelin' in the pit of my stomach that felt alot like dread. Something was goin' on here. And when I stepped into the kitchen what I saw made me wanna throw up. Which was sayin' alot considering the things I'd seen and the things I'd done. There was a girl, some little redhead tied to the kitchen table. Whoever did it really wanted to make sure she wasn't gonna escape cause there were chains all over her. Wrists, ankles, waist, throat, every part of her that might have moved. And I could see where they'd dug into her skin, tightening as she struggled. That wasn't the worst part. The worst part was all the blood. Someone had played surgeon and had a fucking party with it. There were parts of her that weren't...in her anymore. I tried to get closer, to see more of the damage but I really thought I was gonna be sick.

That was when I glanced up at the wall to my right. Written in blood in big letters across Slayer. My heart skipped a beat as I tore my eyes away from the wall and looked down at the girl, forcing my hand to push strands of redhair away from her dead face. No mistake about it. I knew this girl. She was one of the new slayers. Or she had been one of the new slayers until someone or something killed her. Except the thing was....those footprints? They looked human.

I had to get out of here. I had to get out of here because first off? This whole thing was makin' my stomach twist into knots. Not to mention? Eventually the cops were gonna be all over this and I was still a wanted felon. Last thing I needed was to be caught next to a dead body. Quickly I turned around to head out the front door when I heard it close. Shit. Who else was in here? Maybe it was the killer comin' back. In which case I'd already done my job without havin' to look. Carefully I tucked myself away hidden in the pantry as I listened to the footsteps get closer.
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10 January 2006 @ 07:29 pm
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30 October 2005 @ 12:33 pm
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I wasn't surprised when I got outside and found out that B had taken the car with her. Technically? It was her car but still! Couldn't she take the fucking bus or walk for once? Hell, even a cab. Would it really have killed her? I didn't think so. If she so much as used that as an excuse for getting fired from her job I swear to God I wasn't gonna be held responsible for bustin' up her face with my fist. I was gettin' awful tired of her bullshit and maybe this was the hangover from hell talkin'? But I thought I'd been pretty fucking reasonable lately, especially when it came to tryin' to understand the jealousy over my job. When I first got the job we talked about it and I thought that she understood that I needed this job. It wasn't like I wasn't still a fugitive so I couldn't have a normal upstanding job as like a bank teller or some shit. Besides bein' a fugitive those jobs kinda expected you to have graduated from high school. Stripping was perfect for me. It paid the bills and they didn't give a shit whether you could do Calculus or not, or if the law was still lookin' for your ass. They only cared if you were hot and you could shake your ass for the customers. I met all those requirements and then some. Buffy hated it but she knew that it was for the best and there was no way in hell the two of us could afford our house, the car and Dawn on the crappy wages she was makin' at the public high school listenin' to a bunch of kids talk about their problems and shit. Guidance counselour had to be the most shitty payin' job ever but it was honest work and that seemed to appeal to my girl so it worked. Why couldn't she understand that I wasn't her? Fuck. It was like the same problem always kept comin' back to bite us in the ass. I was never gonna be her and let's be honest? If I was just like B the two of us wouldn't be able to stomach eachother long enough to live together. As it was, we were already havin' problems with that part of the gig.

Shoulda stayed in that comfy hotel room with Wes and honestly I was kinda regretin' the decision to leave right about now. Still, bein' in a hotel room with Wes was kinda awkward. I mean, I hadn't seen him in awhile and I was sure that neither of us had forgotten the part where I'd almost tortured him to death. Who could forget that fun little memory? Sure, we'd kinda made up and played nice when he busted me outta jail to smack down Angelus but only in the way where he called me a rabid dog to try and appeal to the pretty little killer still livin' inside of me. It was out of necessity and I knew that, I didn't blame him for it. There was just too much shit wrapped up in me hangin' out with Wes that I really wasn't down for tryin' to deal with him on top of the pounding headache. Think I'd rather go home and listen to Buffy scream at me for a few hours, which really? Was sayin' something. Wes made it pretty clear that he was bailin' out pretty soon but I was sure I'd see him again someday. Someday when I wasn't hung over and my girlfriend wasn't bustin' in to start a fight with me. Someday when maybe the two of us could make everything wrong between us right again. That was a long day off.

Diggin' around in the pockets of my leathers I pulled out a wad of cash that I'd made at the club the night before. Plenty of cash to take a cab and if Buffy thought takin' rusty old Chi Chi away from me was punishment or something? She had another thing comin'. I'd gotten by in the past on a lot less and I was a chick who knew how to use all of her resources. It occured to me that I could piss her off by talkin' some young hottie into givin' me a lift home but I just wasn't in the mood. I wanted to go home and pull down the shades and turn on some bad daytime TV and nap for the rest of the afternoon. Usually? That'd be wicked easy cause B and Dawn would be at school all day and I'd have the house to myself. But today Buffy'd gotten fired and I just knew that she'd be home waitin' on my ass so that she could start on me again the minute I walked in. Shit. Why did I put up with her again? Oh right. Cause I kinda loved her. Not that I was about to be sayin' that outloud anytime soon but when it was true it was true and I had to live with it. Life was a serious bitch.

Finally managed to hail a cab which woulda been way easier if we'd gone to New York or Boston like I'd wanted to. Tried to convince B that there'd be plenty of nasties just waitin' to get smacked down in those cities but she insisted, we had to be protecting the hellmouth. It didn't matter how many other slayers there were in the world Buffy was addicted. She had to be the chosen one. Which pretty much left me with bein' the chosen one's stripper girlfriend. Wicked depressing thought but I wasn't gonna disect it too much. I'd realized a long time ago that it didn't matter how good my aim was. I was never gonna be able to shoot the high horse that Buffy rode in on. So I just put up with her shit all the time and maybe it was like my punishment because I hadn't finished up. This was like the rest of my prison sentance, bein' in love with Buffy. It was kinda fitting when you thought about why I'd gone to prison in the first place. Too bad B was all anti Angel cause I'd love to give him a ring and maybe we could compare war stories. Not sure how happy he'd be that I was shackin' up with his ex girl now though. Somehow I had the feeling that he already knew.

Once I'd paid the cabbie I walked slowly up the stairs on the front porch of our house and had massive second thoughts. Maybe I should just go back to the hotel and beg Wes to let me back in. Just so I could get a few more hours of sleep before the full on assault from Buffy. She was home too, I could see Chi Chi sittin' pretty on the side of the street in front of the house. Here goes nothin'. Opening the door, I flinched expecting an immediate attack. Instead there was nothing and after a minute I was brave enough to venture all the way inside the foyer. Closing the door behind me, I almost took a nose dive to the floor, trippin' over a pair of Dawnie's shoes. Rolling my eyes I bent down and picked them up before putting them carefully away. It was too quiet in this house. Something serious was up and I really didn't wanna know what it was. Glancing up the stairs I thought about just disappearing up to the bedroom and locking the door. Not that I had any doubts about B's ability to bust into a locked bedroom but at least I'd make her work for it.

Instead I carefully shrugged out of my jacket and hung it up on one of the hooks near the door before lettin' my eyes scan the periph again. Where the hell was she? Okay, now I was just wicked curious. Sittin' down on the bottom of the stairs I started pullin' off my boots when I finally heard a noise from the kitchen. Had she not heard me come in? It was almost tempting to sneak into the kitchen and scare her, but I knew that'd only piss her off so I just finished takin' off my boots before finally venturing into the kitchen.

As soon as I saw her I knew that she had heard me come in. She was standing near the table with her arms crossed and a smug angry look on her face. Oh shit. What now?
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09 August 2005 @ 09:03 pm
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27 July 2005 @ 03:28 am
A few weeks had passed since our last fight about the whole stripping thing. I didn't mention it anymore and for a week straight I didn't even come pick her up. I just let her take Chi Chi as if she was her own in hopes that she'd like crash it but not get caught or something cause then she'd get me a new car. I don't want to ask her for it, but come on, she makes alot of money. Which is weird because I would take a car from her cause we need a car, but I would pretend that I didn't know where she got it from even though it's obvious cause sometimes she brings her clothes home and ... yeah. But, whatever. Back on track.

Dawn did get an A on her test, which I was happy about. She's doing really well in school, which is also of the greatness. When she came home and showed me her grade, I was surprised because I was sure that she was doing no studying what so ever. Yeah, she tells me she's studying, but I was doubting that she was doing it. I guess I was wrong, which makes me so much more happier.

The job is going well, I think I'm really reaching through to the kids that actually come to my office. The school though thinks that I could use more training and they want me to take night classes at the community collage, but I don't have time for that. That's something that I'm going to have to talk to Faith about. If I don't go to class? Then I get fired. I'm not even sure how to even bring that up and to top it all off? I planned for today to be the day that I am going to go and see her perform at her job.

I'm not doing so well. But, hey, I'm this far. This far being outside of the club, pacing back and forth, probably looking like a lunatic.

Biting my thumb nail, I walked back and forth next to the door of the club, debating on whether or not I should go in. I mean, hey, I can go in, grab a seat, watch my girlfriend perform, something I've seen her do alot in many different genres, or go home and pretend I never came.

"Excuse me?" Came a voice and I stopped walking, narrowing my eyes at some guy that's standing in front of me.

"How much do you charge?" He asked me and I raised my eyebrow.

"Excuse me?"

"Well ... how much, for a lap dance?" He asked, looking confused and me? Oh, I was ... disgusted. Is this how Faith felt? What if I went in there and asked her how much she charged? That's like asking for sex or something, and paying with money. That's just ... I so have to get out of here.

"I don't work here," was all I said before I started pacing again. "Wait," I stopped him when I noticed that he was pulling out a cigarette. "Can I get one of those?" I asked and took it when he handed it to me. He even lit it for me. "Thanks."

Now I go back to the whole pacing thing.

I don't usually smoke, actually, as in never. Sometimes when I'm pissed off at Faith, I take them and smoke some so she won't have any in the morning when she wakes up, but other than that? I don't. Faith says they calm her down, so right now, I'm trying to be all calmed down. Finally, I stopped pacing and just stood there, smoking some stupid cigarette when I saw someone coming up that ... I recognized.

Was that Wes? And when did he get so ... well, manly. What the hell was he doing ... at a strip club?

Was Faith seeing him? Was he here to see her? This is odd. Is she ... Is he ...

That bitch!

Turning around, I hid my face as I stood there and continued to smoke, waiting for him to walk inside so I could follow him and see what he was actually doing here and if she was even seeing him than ... oh, we'd fight! Alot. And ... stuff.
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10 July 2005 @ 06:21 pm
Walking into the backroom I kicked off my platforms and stretched up onto my toes just to work out the knots in my feet. Sometimes those three inch heels were a killer, ya know? And I thought killin' demons and vamps was hard on the feet sometimes but demons got nothin' on dancin' on platform shoes for a few solid hours. It'd been a good night though and I'd walked away with eight hundred bucks in cash easy. Course half of it had to go to Randy, fuck that he was. I hated handin' over half of my hard earned cash to that prick every night but it was his club, his rules. What the hell was I gonna do? Well, knockin' out a few of his teeth was tempting but then I wouldn't have a job so I had to behave myself. Behave myself til his hands tried to do the groping thing he was so known for pullin' with all his girls. Yeah, he learned real quick with me that he needed to be keepin' his hands to himself. Told him straight up that if I didn't kick his ass, my girlfriend probably would. If only he knew the truth.

Peeling my thong off I tossed it over to the laundry with all the rest and started pullin' on my comfortable pair of faded jeans and the tank top I'd come in with earlier in the night. I'd already caught a glimpse of B hangin' out near the bar in the back of the club as I came out of one of the private dance areas in the back. She was just waitin' for me to get off from my shift but it sorta cracked me up how uncomfortable she looked. Seriously, if she was sittin' any straighter on the bar stool she'd probably get so tense she'd break in half and fall on the floor in pieces. She hated the club, hated what I did for a living, was always bringin' it up to me. Then I had to remind her that my job paid alot more than her's and she did like bein' able to feed Dawn, right? Besides, Randy was a dick but it wasn't all that bad. Most of the other girls were nice, and yeah they all had some serious issues (mostly with Coke) they were a cool bunch. Could be worse. I remembered back in the day when I hated my co-worker. Now I was sharing her bed everynight.

"Hey, Cherry." Randy's gravely voice travelled to my ears as I pulled the tank top over my head and pulled my hair loose from the collar.

"Don't call me that back here. Not til you start payin' me." I smirked at him as I turned around, a wad of hundred dollar bills grasped firmly in one hand.

"I do pay you. I'm your boss, remember?" Semantics. Great.

Rolling my eyes I waited for him to walk over to me and hold out his hand, palm facing up waitin' for me to hand over some of the cash I'd danced my sweet little ass off to make tonight. With a sigh I counted out four one hundred dollar bills and angrily shoved them into his hand before givin' him a look and turnin' back to what I'd been doin'.

"How could I forget? So look, I'm done for the night. I'll see you tomorrow."

Shrugging into my leather coat I patted the pocket for a sec just to be sure that I had my stake still safely tucked inside. Now I was off to a different kind of dance, there was no actual money in it but sometimes I was sure the pay off was even better. I wondered if it was still wicked cold out. You'd think for someone who grew up in Boston I'd be a little more adjusted to the constant freezing temperatures of Ohio, guess I'd spent way too long gettin' all cozy in California. Honesty, I was glad to say goodbye to California though. Nothin' but bad memories there. Now B and I were startin' over on the new hellmouth. Sure there was a whole set of new bad memories we could make here.

Gracefully I sauntered up to the little blonde cautiously sipping some kind of mixed drink at the bar. Surprised she'd even come in here, usually she just stayed near the entrance and waited for me.

"Hey stranger." I said with a grin, comin' up real close and personal to my girl. "Lookin' for a lap dance?" I teased her as I pulled away from her and took a sip of her drink. "Damn, what the hell is that?" I wrinkled my nose and gave her another look before leaning against the bar.